Re-Discover A Timeless Approach That Enables You To Breakthrough
All Self-Imposed Limitations And Tap Into Your Inner Power
To Create the Life You Truly Deserve.

Power of Spirit

Sunday 1st July 2018 - 3pm to 9pm
Delhi - India


Power of Spirit is a live 1 day event with Brajamohan Das designed to help you unlock and unleash the forces inside that can help you break through any limit and create the quality of life you desire. Learn how you can surpass your own limitations to achieve your highest goals and take control of your life.

Discover Your Purpose

What's the most important question you can ask? Who am I and whats the ultimate purpose of my life. What was I put on this planet to do and whats my mission in life? You'll learn the process to unlock the answer to this question to find meaning, mission and passion.

Improve Your Health

What’s the most important factor to creating an extraordinary quality of life? The answer is pure energy flow. Discover how to tap into the unlimited source of pure energy flow to experience vibrant energy, lasting health and complete vitality.

Unlock Your Potential

Discover a clear path to create the life you want. Step into the flowing current that will fulfil all your hearts desires. Destroy all fear, and tap into the source of all wealth, fame, strength, beauty, wisdom and ever lasting good fortune.

"Let a man lift himself by his own mind, let him not lower himself; for this mind alone is the friend of oneself and this mind alone is the enemy of oneself."

"There's no happiness or satisfaction anywhere in this universe for a person who always doubts everything."

Sri Krishna - Bhagavad Gita

A Life Experiential Event... 

Power Lessons

Powerful lessons enabling  you to discover the secrets to overcoming your self-imposed limitations and tap into your inner spiritual power.

Kirtan, Mantra & Chanting

Letting go and entering into the mystery of the sacred sounds of Kirtan and Mantra... Feel your own heart temple of bliss, enlightenment and profound connection.

Dance & Perfomance

Experience wonderful performances  of dance and drama. These performances are not only highly entertaining, you'll uncover some hidden and powerful messages from each one.

Delicious Treats

No event or celebration is complete without some kind of tasty and delicious treats. We'll end the night with some sumptuous Prasadam treats.

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